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In this website you will find music designs for many handmade crafts. Many crafters and lovers of Do It Yourself can find inspiration for their creations. And it will give you good ideas to search and buy wonderful handmade objects. Some of these music patterns are related to 50's and 60's music, mainly to rock and roll. Eco-friendly offers and music topics are also included in Rock o'clock.

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Dancing designs for handmade crafts

Fifties dancers
Dancing obviously has a close link with music. People have danced in every land and at every moment in human history. Either dancing as a couple, in group or individually, dancing scenes can provide beautiful designs for handmade crafts. We can make or search many different handicrafts with dancing patterns. For example, sculptures or miniatures of dancers, dancing patterns for cross-stitch, paintings and drawings, whether they are alone or applied to any other craft, an so on. We can choose the kind of dance we like. In the image above we find some fifties dancers silhouettes. This could be a great design for those who like rock and roll and 50's music in general. Below we find some other dancing designs.

Folk dancers
Folk dancers
To decorate tradional crafty objects, pottery and ceramic vassels, embroidery and many other creations, folk dancers of any land can fit really well. The clothes used in folk dancing are definitely beautiful, and we can add these clothes and these scenes as wonderful patterns for our handmade crafts.

Dancing couple
Dancing couple
Image taked from

In this example the same dancing scene is represented in two different ways. The first one, mainly in black and white, can be perfect for ornamental ceramic and many other handmade crafts. If we use the coloured design, the scene seems to be more realistic. Anyway, both images have a great artistic value.

Balet dancer
Image taked from

This ballerina silhouette can be a nice design for topping a homemade cake, included in a painting or a drawing, to make a miniature, an so on. Clearly, all dancing styles, from clasical ballet to fifties dancings, can give us nice designs to apply in handmade crafts.

Handmade painting and drawing music designs

Painting and drawing
Painting and drawing are not only for children and famous artists. Most of us can try to make beautiful paintings and drawings, though talent will be deeply apprecited. Meanwhile we usually need a piece of paper to draw, we can apply paint to objects made with a variety of materials. So it can be used to decorate pottery, glass, wood, iron and so on. If we enjoy painting and drawing, we can use software to make our own paint-by-number patterns from any photo. And if we are parents, we can use natural art supplies for our children.

Painting music designs can fit really well in many small objects, giving them a new appearence. We can paint a variety of music patterns, from a musical score to vinyl records, from a musical instrument to a dancing scene. Drawing music designs can be used in postcards as well as invitations or programs of musical events. For sure, we can find a lot of applications for music patterns for our painting and drawing crafts.

50's and 60's music bands and singers

Guibson Les Paul Guitar
Remember some of the greatest 50's and 60's music bands and singers. Brief comments from my own point of view, but not biographies, about 34 different artists are included alongside with a list with some of their best songs. Many of these artists played rock and roll, and there are also some of the best English bands in the early sixties. The approximate year of release appear after every song. Now it's time to remember 50's and 60's rock'n'roll music!

List of 50's and 60's music artists

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