Rock o'clock - 50's and 60's music collection

This site is dedicated to 50's and 60's music, mainly to rock and roll. Brief comments from my own point of view, but not biographies, about some of the greatest 50's and 60's artists are included, alongside with a list with some of their best songs. At present this site covers 34 different artists. The approximate year of release appear after every song. Now it's time to remember 50's and 60's rock'n'roll music!

Bill Haley and His Comets

When we search for a starting point for rock and roll, we find Bill Haley and The Comets as the first who made this music. The composition of the band was near to a jazz band, with a big variety of instruments. The look of Bill Haley was far of a rock star, with his funny hair style. Also he wasn't very young. But they made first step with Rock around the clock, released in 1954 but populirized time after when appeared in a film. The band had some hits, and joined in some films too. They maybe complete a gradual process that finally led to a new music and dance called rock and roll.

Some songs performed by Bill Haley and His Comets
  • Rock Around the Clock (1954)
  • Goofin’ Around (1956)

Chuck Berry

Nobody interpreted rhythm and blues like Chuck Berry. rock and roll wouldn't be the same without the influence of this fantastic musician. Specially remarkable is his paper as compositor, creating themes like Roll over Beethoven and Johnny B. Goode (song writed in 1955 but released in 1958). Many groups perform Berry's songs even in the sixties; some of them were The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Great guitarist, he used to do unforgetable movements while singing and playing.

Some songs performed by Chuck Berry
  • Johnny B. Goode (1958)
  • You Can't Catch Me (1956)
  • Oh Baby Doll (1957)

Elvis Presley

He was the 'King of rock'. His successful career began in 1956, and collected great hits for more than a decade. Nevertheless his militar service time, alongside with the 'British invasion' marked the start of his gradual decline. Great interpret of rock and roll as well as balades, Elvis made many films. He looks a little rogue and at same time good boy. He moved in a particular way, and as some said, he had a black-like voice. Many of his songs was composed by Leiber and Stoller; and after being in Germany, he collected great success with european's origin songs, like the famous ballad I can't help falling in love with you. Sadly druggs caused his death in 1977.

Some songs performed by Elvis Presley
  • Heartbreak Hotel (1956)
  • Don't Be Cruel (1956)
  • I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (1956)
  • Jailhouse Rock (1957)
  • As Long As I Have You (1958)
  • Wooden Heart (1960)
  • Return To Sender (1962)

Buddy Holly and The Crickets

This young boy from Texas was able to change music path in just two years. With The Crickets sometimes form a group with two guitars, a bass and drums; this would be the standard composition years later. The way he interpreted music was unique. And his solo riffs are unforgetables. Sadly he died in a airplane crash in 1959, being just 21 years old. In that same crash died other great musicians like Ritchie Valens, the creator of La Bamba, and the Big Booper. His songs had a great influence in the 60's pop bands.

Some songs performed by Buddy Holly and The Crickets
  • That'll Be the Day (1957)
  • Peggy Sue (1957)
  • Oh, Boy! (1957)