Rock o'clock - Handmade crafts music designs

In this website you will find music designs for many handmade crafts. Many crafters and lovers of Do It Yourself can find inspiration for their creations. And it will give you good ideas to search and buy wonderful handmade objects. Some of these music patterns are related to 50's and 60's music, mainly to rock and roll.

Handmade wall clocks music designs

Wall clock
Wall clocks usually are not just there to give the time, but also for decoration. It is true, some handmade wall clocks can be very expensive and big sized, only available to rich people with big houses. Here I am not referring to that expensive wall clocks. Most of us have cheap wall clocks in our dining room or kitchen. We can transform our common wall clocks in funny and artistic handmade crafts, simply applying beautiful designs.

Music designs can be applied to wall clocks in different ways. The easiest could be to draw or paint some musical notes in the clock. We can find wonderful wall clocks made with old vinyl records. Furthermore, this vinyl records can be cutted with beautiful shapes. So this handmade craft can be the perfect way to give a new live to our old scratched vinyl records, getting a cool wall clock.

Handmade pottery and sculpture music designs

Pottery and sculpture have been used by artists from ancient times all around the world. Today we can do a lot of pottery objects for practical purposes as well as for decorative purposes, and we can also add artistic designs to ceramic useful objects. As clay is quite easy to mold, even children enjoy doing pottery creations. Sculpture may need more effort depending of the materials used and the size of the sculpture or figure. It is very common to find sculpted miniatures and other ornamental objects made of alabaster. Other stone and mineral materials can be used for sculptures and similar crafts, like marble and gypsum.

It is easy to think in music designs that can be found in handmade pottery and sculpture creations. Musicians with their instruments can be well represented as beautiful miniatures with attractive colours. Dancing can give us many ideas to make wonderful pottery, ceramic or sculpture creations. Surely, a couple dancing figure can be a romantic ornamental object. Miniature of a vintage jukebox or a turntable would be nice too.

Handmade cakes music designs

Cakes can be more than just a sweet food. Cakes can be done with an artistic style. Some cakes are really art pieces. We should differenciate between industrial cakes and handmade cakes, whether they are homemade, made in a bakery or in a pastry shop. Although industrial cakes can have beautiful designs, handmade cakes allow pastry chefs express their art. And everybody can try to cook homemade cakes with nice forms using a mold, topping a cake with a chocolate drawing, painting the cake with cream an so on.

Many music designs can be applied to our cakes easily. For example, we can draw or paint musical notes, a musician or a dancer silhouette, and other music patterns on the cake's topping with chocolate or any other proper ingredient. A more difficult way to make a music related cake is to make it with the shape of a guitar or a similar musical instrument. So, if you want to make not only a tasteful cake, but also a little art piece, try to apply any music design. Surely music can be sweet, isn't true?

Handmade papercraft music designs

Paper airplane
Papercraft is not only an entertainment for kids. Those who dominate this handmade craft can make sofisticated art creations. From animals to daily life objects, we can do a paper replica. These creations can be realistic or made in abstract style. Painting and drawing can be added to papercraft making wonderful handicrafts.

Some music designs fit perfectly in handmade papercraft creations. Guitars and other musical instruments can be reproduced as papercraft objects. We can even try to made our own paper vintage jukebox or turntable. Other music related patterns, for example musical notes, can be used to decorate our paper creations. And instead of blank paper, we can use old sheet music to make our papercrafts. That will give them an artistic and beautiful appearance.